Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's Been A While

I hope you guys have had a happy holiday because I know I sure did. As you can probably notice by the "deadness" of the site, I haven't been really posting anything new. Well that's probably because I haven't tried any food worth writing about....which is oddly strange because I can't seem to stop myself from going out and trying some crazy new dish that everyone is crazing about. But hopefully that will change very soon because I will be going to possibly my favorite vacation destination, behind Disney World of course, Las Vegas! This is my favorite food destination because I can basically put myself into a food coma with all the selections of fantastic restaurants, unique patisseries, and of course my fave....buffets. Now besides hitting up the famous pastry shop by renowned pastry champion Jean Philippe, or checking out the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity 3, I am gonna do something I like to call the Las Vegas Buffet Challenge. I am going to try to eat at a buffet for all three meals for one week. Plus, depending on how far my wallet can carry me, I'm gonna make it my mission to try all the best buffets on the strip (last I checked, the "Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas" rated 10 of their best buffets found on Las Vegas Blvd). This will be a delicious adventure that just might kill me.  But hey, I don't care because to me, enjoying a succulent and delicious dining experience for 3 hours a day is something worth dying for. So just be on the look out for my Las Vegas Series during the next two weeks...if of course I am not in that food coma. Thanks!

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