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For some bizarre reason, I have a huge interest in gluten-free foods. Especially fast food. I mean, I'm not allergic to gluten nor do I have Celiac disease. It's just that I find gluten-free foods to be very interesting. I just feel that making a dish without gluten is a HUGE challenge, so whenever I do it, I feel so accomplished. I also enjoy discovering gluten free selections at fast food joints. I know many gluten allergenic people who always stress out at fast food restaurants because it's so difficult to find any foods without gluten in it. Honestly, everywhere you look, there's gluten! That's when it all hit me...I should develop a blog and  write a book dedicated to those with Celiac disease or just for those who want to live a gluten-free life. And that's what I did. Now this blog isn't 100% dedicated to gluten free fast, but I always try to post interesting subjects, articles and photos regarding this. I also wrote a book called "The Gluten-Free Guide to Fast Food Restaurants," which features easy to use lists of gluten free menu selections from most popular fast food joints. To learn more about this book, just click HERE. Gluten-free eating and just eating in general has become my passion so I am always on the lookout trying to find any awesome gluten-free products and foods. I just feel that focusing on this topic is the best of two worlds: I get to help people out by keeping them up to date with gluten free foods at restaurants; and I get to eat and write about food....I love it! Now imma end with a few questions for you guys because I would love to see what you have to say.

Do you ever have trouble finding gluten free menu selections at fast food restaurants? Do you know of any restaurants or fast food places that actually has a dedicated gluten-free menu?  Have you ever had an impressive or maybe even awful experience regarding gluten-free fast food?  Do you enjoy gluten free food?  Do you have any suggestions for me regarding gluten posts or article ideas?

Just leave a comment with you response because I would love to hear what you have to say! Thanks!

PLUS: Be sure to check out these great pages below for awesome gluten and celiac disease information, resources, guides and pdf documents.  There are extremely informative and helpful.

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