Friday, October 14, 2011

The Grand Buffet at MGM Grand

The MGM Grand Buffet is not my favorite buffet in Las Vegas but it is satisfactory. With a name such as "Grand" Buffet, I expected to have a large selection of different food, but unfortunately selections were limited. I honestly found myself filling my stomach with plates full of mac and cheese. The quality of food was okay but the crab legs and seafood just wasn't what I expected.

The one thing that saved this fiasco of a dinner buffet was the dessert section. This section, yet small and secluded, offered some tasty pastries and desserts that I actually enjoyed. Now this wasn't amazing, but it did help me feel better about spending money on this buffet.

I must say that one good thing about this buffet is that it was kept clean and was well maintained. The staff was also fast at giving us refills and clearing our tables of plates and silverware. So overall, my experience with the service was good, but the ambiance and atmosphere was filled with noises from the casino.
I honestly must say that I will probably never go back again unless I receive a free buffet pass. But other than that, I think I'll just have to pass.

College Kid Budget: $$

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