Thursday, January 5, 2012

An Intense Treat of Near Perfection

After a long exhausting day of traveling, I decided to end my night on a good note by making a pit stop at my favorite patisserie, Jean Philippe Patisserie at the Aria Resort Las Vegas. Although this patisserie displays the artistic mastery of world pastry champion Jean Philippe through the creation of his pastries, cakes, baguettes, gelato, and chocolate candies, I personally feel that the highlight of this establishment is their freshly made warm crepes.  After trying to resist the temptation of buying one of everything at this shop, I decided to settle one of their famous chocolate crepes. Now I must say that this chocolate crepe is a very luscious treat. From the first moment you sink your teeth into this warm crepe, your taste buds are greeted by an intense chocolate tang. Complimented with the chewiness of the crepe, and the cold sweetness of the whipped topping, you will find this dessert to be at its finest. Now the crepe itself is quite chewy and almost essentially tasteless, with just a small hint of vanilla. The crepe serves primarily as a base for this dessert, while the chocolate sauce, brownie pieces, and chocolate flakes truly adds the kick that this dessert needs. But with the artful combination of all these elements, this dessert is on the threshold to perfection. 

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