Monday, October 3, 2011

Seafood So Fresh that it was Swimming in the Ocean Yesterday

If you're looking to try seafood that was swimming in the ocean yesterday, then be sure to head over to the Oceanaire Seafood Restaurant.  With many fresh seafood choices updated daily, the Oceanaire is a nice restaurants for all seafood enthusiasts.

The Oceanaire outside of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, however, left me with ambivalent feelings. The service of this restaurant was very attentive and our waiter was quite informative. The atmosphere is not dark like most fine dining establishments, but it still felt intimate. The dining room had a number of full sized fish replicas on the walls and the room was very open.  The food actually left me with negative opinions about this restaurant, but only because the entrée I chose was close to disgusting. I ordered the crab and shrimp stuffed rainbow trout and it tasted awkward. It might have just been the way it was cooked but it just had this very soft and squishy texture to it that didn’t sit well in my mouth. Honestly, my favorite thing on the menu is their lobster mac and cheese. It’s very creamy, and just has a very nice texture. Plus, since it was baked, the top had a very nice bread-crumbed crust to it. It was quite delicious.  In terms of other their other menu choices, other members of my party had seafood entrées that looked and tasted great. My parents had these lump crab cakes which were very large and delicious and also had a family sized side of au gratin potatoes. This is something that I would definitely get the next time I go back. So overall, the Oceanaire is a very nice seafood restaurant that I would definitely like to go back to in the near future.

Now on a side note, if you are familiar with the Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch, one of the main ships actually delivers king crabs to this restaurant. I just thought this was pretty cool.

College Kid Budget: $$$

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