Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pizzeria Paradiso: Brick Oven Pizza at its Finest

A few days ago, a couple of my friends and I decided to take a trip to Georgetown. The primary purpose of this trip was to go shopping and check out the famous and much hyped Georgetown Cupcake. But little did I know that the highlight of my trip may have just been this pizzeria called Pizzeria Paradiso. Nested on the bustling Pennsylvania Ave is a nice pizzeria that seemed to draw large crowds. I didn’t think much of this restaurant when I walked past and glanced at the menu. However, just before I past the restaurant, I happened to glance at a customer’s freshly served pizza, and at the moment I was hooked. I had to go check this place out.  We went in, put our name on the waitlist and then in about 10 or so minutes we were taken downstairs to this seating area. The overall atmosphere of this restaurant was very rustic, with a prevalent bar/pub theme throughout. It seemed like I was in a wine cellar that happened to serve great brick oven pizza.

Now the pizza at this restaurant was the real show. From being cooked in a huge brick oven, to utilizing fresh ingredients, the pizza was delicious, crispy, and so fulfilling.  We ordered two pizzas: The Atomica, which featured tomato, salami, black olives, hot pepper flakes, and fresh mozzarella; and the Margherita which featured tomato, basil, and mozzarella. Both of these pizzas were very good and I will definitely have to try them again.

So overall, if you are ever in the Georgetown area and are looking for some fresh and delicious brick oven pizza, be sure to check out Pizzeria Paradiso. I will be returning to Paradiso, hungry for more!

College Kid Budget: $$

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