Wednesday, December 14, 2011

John's Pizzeria at Times Square

What would fantastic New York food be without its’ famous pretzels, bagels, and deli sandwiches, and my personal favorite, New York style pizza. At almost every corner, you can find good, thin crusted, handmade pizzas, claiming that they’re the best in town. However, despite all these claims, I decided to treat myself to possibly one of the best pizzas near Times Square called John’s Pizzeria. This overcrowded, loud, and bustling pizzeria serves up some mouth-watering brick oven, New York style pizza. The moment you walk in, you are greeted by a huge swarm of people…no not the employees, but other hungry restaurant guests. You then get a number, which will probably make you wait from anywhere between 40-120 minutes. However, thankfully, the waiting area is right near
the bar which features three large HDTV’s.

Now in terms of the restaurant, it is very dim inside however, it is the opposite of intimate. The restaurant was quite roomy in the dining area since it features and open upstairs dining area. The ambience was filled with loud talk and possibly the most random compilation of music including rap, techno, pop, traditional Italian, and the occasional Christmas tunes. The entire restaurant was accented with warm, wood tones, as well as huge murals of New York City.

Now off to my experience. When I visited John’s, I could tell that everyone including myself, were tourists who were hungry after a long day of checking out Times Square. It literally felt like the restaurant was a true representation of the hustle and bustle of New York City. The receptionists were kind, yet quite authoritative whenever they called out names from the waiting list. After about an hour wait, we were finally seated at a booth, which is where our kind waiter greeted us with a smile.  My family and I decided to order two large “John’s Traditional” pizzas- one with ham; the other with pepperoni and beef. Let me tell you that when I first tried this pizza, I was blown away. The pizza featured a thin, chewy crust, and slight burnt taste from brick oven. The ingredients were fantastic and the cheese to sauce ration was quite perfect. So overall, this pizza was honestly one of the best I’ve ever had and I recommend anyone in the Times Square area to make a stop at John’s Pizzeria.

John's Traditional with Ham
John's Traditional with Beef and Pepperoni

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