Monday, November 7, 2011

Dinner Etiquette: Attending a Gathering

For some of us, there are normally times when a friend invites you to dinner, whether it be at their house or at a restaurant.  And if you are like me, you may sometimes forget just the basics of proper dinner etiquette, when it comes to responding and attending this gathering. Well as a little refresher, I would like to help by providing you with five simple, good manners that you should use when going to a restaurant or house when invited.

Always respond to an invitation within a week of receiving. This shows a great deal of respect towards the host, showing that you truly want to participate in their gathering.

Dress according to the recommended dress code, such as fine, casual, or business casual. However, never try to out- dress the hostess!!

Be on time. There is nothing more annoying for a host or hostess than late guests

If you decide to bring a guest or partner, be sure to check with your hostess to see if it’s acceptable. You don't want to catch the host off guard by bringing a guest. Plus, the guest may be someone the host doesn't like. You never know.

If possible, bring a small gift as a considerate gesture. Gifts include flowers, chocolates, wine, or champagne or anything you believe may please the host and hostess.

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