Monday, October 10, 2011

Wolfgang Puck Cafe at Downtown Disney

When I found out that Downtown Disney had a formal Wolfgang Puck restaurant, I was pretty ecstatic. Unfortunately, this excitement disappeared when I saw the menu. Although this restaurant is very nice and has a beautiful view of the lake, the food was mediocre. I ordered lobster risotto and it was actually really good. However, the portion was minimal. And for a $45 risotto, I expected a huge bowl full, but that didn't happen. My family also had the same thing happen to them. There entree's were good, but the portion was just too little. We honestly could have went downstairs to the cafe restaurant and have 4 times as much as we did for about half the price. Despite my disappointing and overpriced meal, I was very pleased with the overall service that I received at this restaurant.

So to be clear, at Downtown Disney, this restaurant is called "Wolfgang Puck Cafe." Now once you go inside, there is a very casual family friendly restaurant downstairs, and a more formal and expensive restaurant upstairs. So overall, in my opinion, the upper dining room of this restaurant is not worth the premium. As a result, I would suggest that you save your money and try the more casual restaurant downstairs. Enjoy!

College Kid Budget: $$$

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