Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nacho Mamas in Baltimore Has Great Affordable Nachos

During the summer, my and I roommate took a trip to a small bar/restaurant outside of Fells Point, Md. called Nacho Mamas. My roommate has always been talking about how much he loves going to this place so I decided to finally see what all his hype was about. Now I must say when I first arrived at Nacho Mamas, I wasn’t really impressed. It just looked like a typical sports bar with limited seating and wooden booths. Plus the restaurant didn’t even have a Mexican or Hispanic theme, which is what I’d expect with a name like “Nacho.” However once I my meal arrived to the table, and I took a huge first bite, I was quite impressed. After scanning the menu, the only thing that caught my eye was these chicken nachos. I then ordered this meal expecting to have an average size portion. But boy was I wrong. The serving size of these nachos was ridiculous.  This thing honestly could’ve fed 4 people and still have leftovers. I dug in and didn’t even make a dent in the nachos. I literally tried to continue eating after I was full so that it seemed like I got my money’s worth. But I just couldn’t succeed. Despite this failure of finishing my meal, I was very satisfied with my nachos. The chicken was large and tender, the cheese was baked and stringy, the beans were beany, and the tortilla chips were warm and crispy. It was pretty good. Now the best thing about this was that it was only about ($10). Not bad if you ask me.

In terms of the restaurant’s atmosphere, it’s very dark, and sports bar like. What I mean is that people are drinking beer, talking loudly, and watching the game on the TV screens near the bar.  Also within this restaurant the Elvis theme is pervasive throughout the restaurant with many pictures and memorabilia covering the dark walls. It’s a pretty cool setting to enjoy a nice meal.

So overall, Nacho Mamas is very affordable and is a great dining option for those on a college student’s budget.

College Kid Budget: $$

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