Friday, October 14, 2011

Possibly the One of the Best Korean Restaurant in the D.C. Area

If you love sushi and buffets, then boy oh boy do I have a great place for you.  Located in Alexandria, Va.,
there is a nice, family owned Korean restaurant called Heebeen. Although Heebeen does feature a menu that you can order items off of, the highlight of this restaurant is their lunch and dinner buffets. From extensive selection of authentic Korean dishes to the fresh preparation of freshly made sushi, Heebeen is the ultimate restaurant for the Korean and Asian food enthusiast. I myself love sushi, so I always try to make an effort to come here in order to fulfill my cravings. For $15, you can eat plates after plates of sushi and Korean food, a price that is well worth the money. I can’t tell you how many times I went to sushi bars or Panda Express Sushi, paying $10 for only 6 pieces of tuna sushi and California rolls. But here at Heebeen, I can stuff my face for hours at a time. Now the location is a little hectic and crowded, but once you make it to the restaurant, it will all be worth it. So overall, this is hands down my favorite Korean restaurant and it will definitely fulfill your Asian palette.

College Kid Budget: $$

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