Monday, September 26, 2011

One of the Best Chili Dogs Around

Ben’s Chili Bowl is just one of those places that I knew I would love from the moment I walked in. Appearance-wise, this restaurant isn’t too attractive. But that doesn’t matter because the amazing hotdogs and chili is the real show. The moment you walk in, you are greeted by hot, fresh, grilled “dogs” and an always packed line filled with hungry customers. You then quickly make your order without even glancing at the menu for 15 seconds. I decided to try their famous chili dog and some chili cheese fries. And I must say that I do not regret my choice one bit because it was so delicious. It was honestly the best hot dog I’ve ever had. The chili truly is what made the hotdog great. The cheese fries were just as good, primarily because it had chili on it accompanied by warm cheese sauce, and an abundance of french fries.  And the best thing about it was that this meal cost me about $7. Well worth it if you ask me. My only complaint with Ben’s is the workers. They seem to be in a huge hurry, virtually making good customer service non-existent. But other than that, this is a fantastic place to grab a delicious lunch, dinner or snack. With the close proximity to the Washington metro stop and the University of Maryland, I will definitely make as many attempts as possible to swing by Ben’s and get one of their famous chili dogs.

College Kid Budget: $

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