Friday, November 25, 2011

Eating Healthy for Students

For students, eating healthy at college is an entire new ball game. With late night pizza delivery and midnight Chinese food runs, avoiding the freshman 15 can be pretty difficult.  Even though some of these quick and simple options taste great, chances are they are probably not healthy for a student's body. I know from personal experience, that around 11 pm, my body is craving something sweet and fatty.

The food choices students make can affect whether or not they are able to remain awake during class and whether or not they will come down with mononucleosis when it hits campus.  The problem is not only about eating junk food, it's more about not getting the proper proteins, carbs, vitamins, and minerals that people need. When it comes to defending against illnesses, vitamins and minerals are very important.  Just because they are important, isn't a reason for students to run out and stock up on vitamins and supplements.  It's best for students to get their nutrition from food. You can find vitamin C in citric fruits, Vitamin A in milk and dairy products, and vitamin E in nuts, whole wheat products, and even green leafy vegetables.  This is the ideal way to get nutrition, as your body relies on these vitamins for many reasons.

When you eat on campus, skip on the sodas and go right to the juices and milk.  Explore the different entrees available and go to the salad bar where there are fresh vegetables. There are always healthy cereals and plenty of fresh fruit available in dining halls as well.

Always remember that eating healthy isn't just about avoiding greasy foods but also getting a balanced diet and the right nutrients and vitamins to keep your body in peak performance - or at least awake during your early morning classes.

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