Friday, November 11, 2011

Dinner Etiquette: The 10 Don'ts at the Dinner Table

Have you ever been to a restaurant and eaten with a person who had no sense of dinner etiquette whatsoever? I have. They're chewing with their mouths open making weird noises, while essentially screaming at you from across the table. And I must say I really don't like this at all! Like I don't know whether to be embarrassed for being in their presence or just feel embarrassed for that person. Well either way, it's not a good feeling. Well to help make sure that you aren't "that guy (or girl)" who seems to embarrass your dining guest here's your life saver. Here are 10 things that you should never do at a dinner table because they are considered bad manners, some more than others. 

1. Never start eating until the host gives a signal to do so. These signals include verbal gestures such as “let’s eat” and “enjoy”. Just to make sure your timing is correct, try to eat once you see the host or hostess start eating.

2. Improper dinner table etiquette can sometimes include dipping breads or crackers into soups, or “mopping” up sauces.

3. It’s very discourteous and bad mannered to make noisy eating noising such as sipping, slurping, and burping. However, depending on some cultures, these noises can sometimes be seen as a kind gesture or appreciation of the food.

4. Never talk or chew with when your mouth is full. It’s extremely impolite and disgusting. Gross!

5. Never reach over other guests to attain food, drinks, and condiments. It’s better to ask guest close to the item, to pass it to you.

6. Don’t ever offer your criticism of the host or hostess’ food, location, and wine. Just do your best to bite your tongue and remain silent.

7. Never pick your teeth, unless provided with toothpicks, or lick your fingers since these are both incredibly unattractive.

8. Don’t drink too much wine or alcohol, or else you may say or do something incredibly embarrassing or regretful

9. Don’t be too loud. Keep voices suitable for the environment, thus trying to be courteous to those around you. This also includes silencing your cell phones and pagers

10. Most importantly, never keep compliments to yourself. If you truly enjoy something, be sure to mention it to those around you. There’s nothing better for a host or hostess to hear a thoughtful compliment

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